Saturday, April 19, 2008

2 months in

Tomorrow will mark 2 months since we arrived home from Ethiopia. 2 months. It feels like Isa's been here forever- how can it only be 2 months? And at the same time is there a way to get the time to pass slower???? I can't believe how much she's grown both physically and in personality. She's not the little, bitty baby content to just hang out in your arms anymore (although she is still fairly snuggly). Does every parent have the same terrified feeling that it's all flying by too quickly? Anyone figured out how to keep them small for longer?

Things I've learned about Isa B:

- she loves texture: satin, fleece, anything interesting for her fingers
- her favorite song is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (followed closely by The Wheels on the Bus)
- she adores animals and squeals in delight whenever she sees one
- she loves to bounce: in the exersaucer, on my lap, she even bounces her legs in bed
- she has an amazing belly laugh when she really gets going
- she loves shiny and sparkly things (a girl after my own heart)
- one of her favorite places to nap is lying on my chest (learned that one in Ethiopia!)
- she doesn't like the sound of either the hair dryer or the Dust Buster
- her favorite food is sweet potatoes

And the list could go on and on. Her little personality just gets bigger each day!


Jocelyn said...

She and Pacey have a lot in common it looks like!! Isn't it so hard to believe that it has been 2 months?? Yet, like you said, how could it only be that long???

Autumn said...

Don't forget, she tolerates company well and goes with the flow. Kid was a real trooper last nigt at my B-Day party! Yeah Isa! And I get to stay in Seattle and hang with her more (yes, it's all about me)!

Betina said...

Hey - I would recognize that little blue car seat with yellow animals anywhere, our baby's referral picture was in the same chair! The pictures of you in the "meeting room" at Toukoul confirmed the fact that our babies are from the same orphanage.

Did you use Dove? We did. We travelled in December. When were you there?

Isa B is adorable. Congratulations!

Betina said...

Okay, now that I am officially stalking you... our Ivy is from Dire Dawa as well. We stayed in the same hotel as you did... I loved the little satellite center there, the director and nannies were so very sweet.

We ended up cutting our visit over there short by 2 days as leaving Ivy at the orphanage almost threw me into a panic attack. So, we did not get to see Haraar. I would love to see your pictures.

How old is Isa? Ivy is now 1 year old, April 25th was her BD.