Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snow, part II

Well, our piddly little snow from last week melted off on Wednesday. A new storm was supposed to come through that afternoon but we didn't see a flake the entire day. I woke up on Thursday to about 3 inches of new snow and it was still snowing. It kept snowing.... and snowing.... and snowing... and finally stopped in the evening, leaving us with at least 8 inches!

Isa looking outside at all the new white stuff

Out front in the morning

The patio table by afternoon....

I put out our snow attire for yet another round of fun. But Isa took a 4 1/2 hour nap (!!!) and by the time she woke up, it was almost dark. So, we just spent the day cozied up inside.

On Friday we decided not to head down to Olympia as planned (weekend fun with Zoo Lights and the Nutcracker wasn't going to happen!). However, I heard from my manager in Everett that roads up there were in pretty good shape and the freeways seemed okay as well. I thought it might be my best chance to get up there to pick up work materials since it could only be done on a weekday and another big storm is scheduled to come in tonight with as much at 10 more inches of snow (yikes).

My wonderful neighbors stayed with Isa so I wouldn't have to take her in the car. Getting out to the freeway was a treat. I don't think I made it above 15 mph the entire way. The freeway was pretty much bare and dry, but just crawling through downtown Seattle. I finally saw a sign that said "accident ahead" which accounted for the uber-slow movement. Imagine my surprise when I got to the accident scene and found it wasn't a spin-out as I expected, but this:

Seriously, it looked like something out of a movie scene, not real life. No one was hurt, thankfully but it was quite a sight to see 2 buses hanging over the freeway!

I made it to Everett and back to Seattle without any major problems (although the trip ended up taking about 3 times as long as normal). Unfortunately, I only made it halfway up the final hill to my house. I know, I know- I'm kicking myself for even trying it. I was able to slide my car back into the curb, so I'm not in the middle of the street and I'm only partially blocking someone's driveway. She said she had enough room to get out around me if necessary. But, we've gotten another 3-4 inches as of tonight with no end in sight, so I doubt she's going anywhere soon....

My sister's fiancee will be in Seattle on Monday for work- with his 4 wheel drive vehicle. So even if my car remains stuck, we'll be able to make it down to Olympia for Christmas. :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The house is finally decorated (or at least as decorated as it's going to get this year). Isa absolutely LOVES anything shiny or sparkly, so this is definitely her season. We got the tree Thursday night and I put it up after she went to bed. Friday morning I got up and turned the lights on before going to get her out of her crib. She was thrilled to see it- actually a bit too thrilled. I had to baracade it with a large trunk because she couldn't keep her hands off of it.

In addition to new, non-breakable Christmas ornaments on the tree (I used to do all cobalt glass, silver, crystal) there are several changes this year. I changed out the usual ornaments on the mantle swag. This year it has red, green, and gold ribbon (like the Ethiopian flag) and hanging in the middle is a fabulous ornament set my mom got last year. Based on her outfit, I think the figurine is probably west African, but she has little poofs just like Isa B and the house looks a lot like a toukoul.
(darn paparazzi never leave me alone!)

Instead of putting up my grandmother's white Lennox china nativity set, I have up the one I bought at Isa's orphanage.

We also have up the Advent calendar that my mom made back when my older brother was little. Since I'm the one who is always most excited about turning over the squares (always have to guess first what it is- you'd think I'd memorized it by now, but sadly I haven't), Mom had us take it this year. I have a kit to make one for our house but, obviously, it didn't happen this year.

And finally, the addition last night that made it feel extra Christmasy...... SNOW! That's right. Here is Seattle we actually got some of the white stuff last night. At a local children's used clothing store I bought Isa the most adorable snowsuit and boots that look as though they're made to match the suit. Purple boots that have silver sparkles in the fur lining- fabulous! After her nap today we geared up. Honestly, I think it takes as much time to get her dressed as we spent outside! She adored the snow and screamed her head off when I picked her up to come inside because it was getting too cold.

This was her under-the-snowsuit-attire (minus the Robeez). Stylish, no?!?!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

(almost) 16 months

Isa's (delayed) 15 month check-up was yesterday.


Weight- 23lbs 6 oz (back up to 50th percentile)
Height- 30in (stable at 25th percentile)
Head circ- a gi-normous leap to the 50th percentile

And her hair was up in two poofs, so I know the hair didn't account for the head growth (that was my first thought....)

She's right on track developmentally. I expected to be chastised for having her still on the bottle (just before nap and bedtimes), but happily the ped didn't even mention it. Isa was her usual boisterous self- showing off her belly, yucking it up in the mirror and, of course, ripping the heck out of the crinkly paper on the exam table.

She had to get two shots, which went fairly well. The look on her face after the first needle was priceless. She looked up at the MA with a face that plainly said "what the heck did you just do to me????" Luckily, the office stocks little packages of animal crackers and as soon as the MA pulled one out, Isa promptly stopped crying. Blessed, blessed animal crackers!

And, finally, I have resigned myself to the fact that I am one of those moms that hears "words" that my child really isn't saying. I swear she says something akin to "moma" for snowman and "nanta" for Santa. Yes, I probably couldn't tell what the words were without context, but if she consistently says them when pointing to the object or "repeated" to me when I say the word, that counts right?

I promise pics soon- need to load recent shots into the computer......

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What's in a name?

The most recent post got a comment asking about Isa's name and I realized that I've never actually blogged on that particular topic. So here goes.

Her full first name is Isadora. After my grandmother passed away, my mom and I went through her desk and found a bunch of old family photos (all the way back to tin types!). There were several photos of my grandmother's grandmother, who was named Mary Isadora. I loved the name instantly. Doesn't hurt that I'm also a dance enthusiast and Isadora Duncan was an icon in the world of dance.

Originally I made her nickname-to-be "Isa-boo". But then I found out that Rachel Ray's dog is named Isa-boo. Um... that was out. But our last name starts with B and since the vast majority of my friends in high school and college called me Katie B (rarely just Katie), it seemed appropriate for Isa to become Isa B. And it stuck. There was actually a time a few months after coming home when she wouldn't respond to Isa or Isadora. Isa B only.

I did retain her Ethiopian name as her first middle name and added Mary as a second middle name. My grandmother, my mother, and I are all the first born daughters with the first name Mary. I didn't want Isa to have to use her middle name like I do (total pain in the arse), but I thought it was important that she was a Mary as well.

Oh- one last thought on her name. I pronounce it Izza but I don't mind at all if folks say Eessa (the way it would be pronounced in Spanish, for example). Call her Isa, Isa B, Isadora, Iz. Just DON'T call her Izzy. For some reason, I absolutely abhor that particular nickname. :)