Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The house is finally decorated (or at least as decorated as it's going to get this year). Isa absolutely LOVES anything shiny or sparkly, so this is definitely her season. We got the tree Thursday night and I put it up after she went to bed. Friday morning I got up and turned the lights on before going to get her out of her crib. She was thrilled to see it- actually a bit too thrilled. I had to baracade it with a large trunk because she couldn't keep her hands off of it.

In addition to new, non-breakable Christmas ornaments on the tree (I used to do all cobalt glass, silver, crystal) there are several changes this year. I changed out the usual ornaments on the mantle swag. This year it has red, green, and gold ribbon (like the Ethiopian flag) and hanging in the middle is a fabulous ornament set my mom got last year. Based on her outfit, I think the figurine is probably west African, but she has little poofs just like Isa B and the house looks a lot like a toukoul.
(darn paparazzi never leave me alone!)

Instead of putting up my grandmother's white Lennox china nativity set, I have up the one I bought at Isa's orphanage.

We also have up the Advent calendar that my mom made back when my older brother was little. Since I'm the one who is always most excited about turning over the squares (always have to guess first what it is- you'd think I'd memorized it by now, but sadly I haven't), Mom had us take it this year. I have a kit to make one for our house but, obviously, it didn't happen this year.

And finally, the addition last night that made it feel extra Christmasy...... SNOW! That's right. Here is Seattle we actually got some of the white stuff last night. At a local children's used clothing store I bought Isa the most adorable snowsuit and boots that look as though they're made to match the suit. Purple boots that have silver sparkles in the fur lining- fabulous! After her nap today we geared up. Honestly, I think it takes as much time to get her dressed as we spent outside! She adored the snow and screamed her head off when I picked her up to come inside because it was getting too cold.

This was her under-the-snowsuit-attire (minus the Robeez). Stylish, no?!?!


Jesi and Joe said...

FABULOUS! She looks adorable, and the decorations are so beautiful! You go girl!

chou-chou said...
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Anonymous said...

incredible! everything (esp. Miss Isa B.) looks wonderful and cheery and holiday-esque. You have knocked it out of the park!


Jocelyn said...

She is so funny in that snow suit!! I love it!!

Katie H F said...

wow, you'd almost think you were back in Minnesota. It's too cold today to even go outside (-8 right now not including the wind chill). Isabel asks everyday to see "Katie's little girl" on the internet and loves to watch the videos. Wait until Isa B and Isabel get together for the first time!!
And, I'm amazed that your themed tree has changed...oh the challenges of child-proofing a house!!
Love and Miss you!

Kerri said...

I love the decorations and, even more, the little cutie in the snow suit! What a great Christmas this will be!!!