Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Mommy moments

Ever-so-often, usually out of the blue, I have "Mommy moment." The kind where it suddenly washes over you just how amazing it is to be entrusted with this fabulous little being.

I have a Mommy moment almost every time she lays her head down on my chest when she's tired. Does anything feel better than a baby melting into you? I get them on the mornings when she starts crying to get up, then just lights up when my face finally appears over the crib. I still can't sing her "You Are My Sunshine" without bursting into tears because of just how full my heart swells.

I have been trying to get back into the swing of my contract jobs for the last couple weeks with little success. After putting Isa to bed it's very tough to make myself sit down at the computer and work for 3 hours. All I want to do is go curl up in bed or read a book or simply veg in front of the TV. On Monday I was especially exhausted from the complete sleep meltdown of the previous night. Then, at our Mommy & Me group, she rolled over to her tummy for the first time. And I had yet another Mommy moment.

And I realized THAT is how I will find the energy to get the work done- so I can be there to see all those amazing firsts. I never thought as a single mom that I'd be able to essentially be a stay at home mom. I need to take advantage of that opportunity. Because everything else just kind of pales in comparison with the joy of a Mommy moment.


Autumn said...

I have those moments but I call them "School moments":)

Jocelyn said...

I know what you are talking about..I love the Mommy moments:-)

Anonymous said...

I just love your blog – especially the Isa mini-movies that show us how well she rises to the next physical challenge.

I would have to agree that the best mommy moment for me was a sleeping baby resting against me while I sat in a big comfy chair with my feet up. If everyone could experience such a moment (simultaneously would be best), I’m convinced there would be a world without any aggression, violence or war. It is pure bliss. When our kids got too big for this activity, Bob moved right on to the nieces.

So its time to pay a mortgage and figure out when you are going to find SOME time to make a little money to pay for yours. The good thing (yes, there is ONE good thing) about this is that you come to realize very quickly how deep the emotional bond is that you’ve already formed with Isa. It is solid. You don’t want to be away from her. In Europe, don’t they have a 6 month paid maternity leave? Work wouldn’t be a reality for you until summer was drawing to a close. It’s much more civilized. But I think the fact that you will be taking advantage of the opportunity to work from home should ease the transition back to work.

Keep the postings comin’!


Anonymous said...

I just caught up on the posts, pictures, and movies. Isa is quite the leading lady. Let's hope she doesn't get camera shy -- Jennifer

Hola, I'm JMac: said...

Hi! I was just doing a search on "addis to dire dawa" and found your lovely blog. We are traveling in May to bring our daughter home, who is also from Dire Dawa, and we were planning on visiting there/Harar for a couple of days. Would you mind e-mailing me (jenmacattack AT gmail DOT com)...I'm wondering how your experience was with the drive to/from Addis and where you stayed. Any advice you could disperse would be greatly appreciated! Congrats, your daughter is beautiful!