Friday, April 11, 2008

I scream, you scream

And, no, I wasn't actually feeding her ice cream!

Although if I thought it would help with the teething, I might be tempted to try it.... I can tell that at times is just HURTS. It breaks my heart to hear her crying and see her grimacing in pain. At least with hunger, I can fix it. I can only do so much about the teething. It seems to be worse at night, so I give her a dose of ibuprofen before bedtime. You can almost see the moment when it kicks in. Her gums are very, very bumpy at this point and I'm hoping those little teeth make an appearance soon. (In my fondest dreams, I'm hoping all 4 of the fronts come in at once so we can be done with this ickiness for a while.)

While we wait on the teeth, she tried Cheerios for the first time today. It was really adorable watching her figure out how to gum them up. I wish I'd taken pictures of the face she made when I put the first one in her mouth. After a few, though, she was a pro! Still not so great at picking them up and getting them into her mouth, but she made a great effort. Only half a dozen or so ended up on the floor. :)


Kerri said...

Poor baby! Teething stinks! Hope those teeth make their appearance soon.
Kerri and Ruby

Autumn said...

Poor Katie. And poor Isa!!! How long is this supposed to take anyway?

Anonymous said...

so sorry !!! Elsa and I feel your pain. :-(

hang in there - do you have one of those water-filled toys that you can throw in the freezer? The seems to help Elsa a lot. Also, I just stick my finger in there and press down really hard on her gums - that feels really good for her...


Jocelyn said...

Love that video...she is so adorable! Yay for Cheerios!!