Monday, May 5, 2008

A typical morning in Casa B

I thought it would be a good idea to chronicle the little ho-hum details of life with Isa B. Since my sleep-deprived brain can barely remember one day from the other, I need to document things or I may have no recollection at all..... So, here is our morning routine:
Isa B wakes up no later than 6:05 a.m. For the last couple days, I've gone in and put her Discovery Elephant in the crib to buy me a little extra time. (Note to other moms- keep a toy in reserve for this purpose; do not let this toy come out at any other time for fear that it will stop holding her interest in the wee hours of the morning) I can't just *poof* wake up and be ready to go like Isa. The Elephant gets me an extra 15 minutes, tops. Eventually, I am forced out of my bed again, for good...
We shuffle to the couch where Isa B chats up a storm with the kitty and I attempt to keep her from rolling off while leaving my eyes closed as long as possible.
Like clockwork, Isa B demands a bottle at 6:30. Unfortunately, she has now reached a weight and squirm level that I cannot hold her and fix a bottle at the same time. She does not appreciate being left in the living room and cries the entire time I am in the kitchen (perhaps 3 minutes). Sadly, the kitty assumes that as soon as I enter the kitchen, I will also feed him. Poor guy- that really did used to be the case. Since his meows are nothing in comparison to Isa B's wails he must go hungry for a bit longer.
Placated by a few ounces, Isa B will allow herself to be put down and play on the floor. I make coffee and feed the cat. Tomorrow I will have coffee from a brand new coffee maker. When I pulled the carafe out this morning, the filter cup came flying off as well. I was splattered by scalding water and coffee grounds; a lovely start to the morning. Happily, my first cup of caffeine isn't usually accompanied by skin burns and swearing. I start to feel human.
Playtime lasts a mere 20 minutes and about 7 a.m. Isa is strapped into her highchair for a feast of Cheerios and baby yogurt. This week she has decided that she would eat fruit (finally!) and we also have Kix to keep the breakfast menu interesting. I get to drink my coffee and eat my breakfast after she is done by attaching a few toys to the highchair. Must be quick because her attention span is pretty short.
Next we clean up. Happily, Isa B is willing to sit in her little rockingchair and play with toys while I shower. Because of that short attention span, in order to actually get dressed, I usually have to sing several rounds of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or The Wheels on the Bus. I have also discovered that Old MacDonald is handy as it can have any many verses as I need. Every other day Isa B gets a bath as well, which she really enjoys. She typically melts down when it's time to get dressed, though. I still haven't figured out why putting on a onesie is such a traumatic experience, but apparently it is.
And that's how we start our day. Not exactly exciting, but it means everyone gets fed and dressed!


habeshachild said...

This is great to read - and you are so right that we will probably forget all of this too soon.

Make me realize I should start writing down similar things.

Please keep posting about your "boring" days - believe me, it's not boring to me! And I pick up a few pointers here and there. :-)

Jocelyn said...

Sounds much like my mornings minus the yogurt and coffee:-) We have Oatmeal/fruit and mommy has a diet pepsi!!

Love this post:-)