Sunday, May 25, 2008

Strange tales from the dinner table

Unlike other folks whose Ethiopian darlings take in football-player size portions, Isa B is a fairly dainty eater. (Not really evident in the size of her thighs, though!) Now with the difficulty in getting out the poo, I think she's starting to translate eating into pain. So, she's is in a bit of a "no solids" phase. Last night for dinner she'd swallow maybe two bites and start wailing. Thus, we just skipped dinner.

Breakfast is typically a dozen Cheerios, 1/3 a container fruit and maybe 1/3 a container baby yogurt. Solids for lunch isn't consistently happening but when it does is quantities around the same size as breakfast. If I can get her to eat a full 3.5oz container of veggies for dinner, it is a triumph. Along with a few Cheerios (good distraction technique for when I'm heating the food) and maybe a little bit more fruit for "dessert"... that's it. And now that she's on solids, she's gone from a 6oz bottle to 4oz.

It took her quite a while to decide that she liked bananas, an instant favorite for many children. She barely touches applesauce. Won't go near oatmeal. However, she loves both peas and prunes (not together, of course). She doesn't follow the typical eating likes/dislikes of most little ones.

And tonight, it was even odder. We went out to a great little pizza place with a friend who's visiting. Like most little ones, she's definitely a social eater and actually eats best at restaurants. I brought a container of apples & prunes, but for variety I thought I'd let her try something from my plate. The only acceptable thing on the pizza was eggplant. Isa B LOVED it! Snarfed it up. It seems my girl has a strange palate......

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