Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Potty training part 1/2

Today after ballet class, we headed to Target. Initially the trip was to get a few things for me and try to find a leotard and tights for her. No dice on the leotard or tights, but I decided it was time to buy big girl underpants so we could start the potty training process on Thursday.

Isa was THRILLED with her new big girl underpants. She clutched them the entire way through the store, on the ride home and then carried them around the house. I had explained to her that she would get to wear them tomorrow and kept harping on the fact that you have to use the potty when you wear big girl underpants. I planned to re-read the potty training book I had tonight and be all ready for training in the morning.

Isa B had other plans. As soon as she woke up from her nap she demanded to wear her big girl underpants. So I decided to go ahead and try. She did great when we were at home- sat on the potty on regular intervals (although nothing happened) and in between we would check the underpants to make sure they were still dry. Unfortunately, we had plans to have dinner at a friend's house and (obviously) Isa wasn't taking those underpants off! I asked her every minute on the car ride over if the pants were still dry- happily, they were. They remained dry from 3:30 until 6:30, when an accident happened. By that point, we had both gotten distracted and I hadn't reminded her to try the potty in quite a while.

Tomorow we have nothing planned, so we can stay home and really focus on using the potty all day long. I already have pull-ups to use at nap time and she'll probably stay in diapers at night for quite a while as I have no plans to move her out of the crib anytime soon. But I'm hopeful that we'll be able to move to big girl underpants during the day from now on.

Isa B has been throwing major fits during diaper changes for a while now, so I'm looking forward to being done with them. At the same time, diapers are the last real "baby" thing we have and I'm kind of sad to be officially moving into little girl-dom.

Here she is- in all her big girl underpant glory!


Kerri said...

It's not all it's cracked up to be. After 11 trips to the potty in 2 halves of football (high school - 8 minute quarters), I tried to convince Ruby to go back to diapers. ;-)

Anonymous said...

you are supermom. I'm too lazy to even try it - will probably just let the good folks at school potty train her. :-)

I must say, though, those big-girl panties are ADORABLE.

And, don't forget, you still have the ba-ba. So you have at least one "baby" thing left. :-)

Jesi and Joe said...

Oh man, how exciting! I am looking forward to being done with the nasty diaper time fits too... it's like an olympic sport trying to keep them still while doing a diaper change these days. Livi asks to use the little potty all the time, but I haven't taken the plunge with big girl undies yet and we haven't had any pee go in the potty yet! One of these days I might get serious, but for now am still too lazy!

one happy family said...

well my excuse is that girls train earlier than boys...