Saturday, November 29, 2008

Warning- excessive bragging ahead

So, Isa B finally decided she wanted to walk for good (the day after I posted that I was done guessing when she'd start, of course). After a whole week and a half, she is now zooming furiously around:

You can see that, much like her Mommy, Isa likes to talk with her hands. Heck, the girl just likes to talk. Often. Loudly. To anyone who might possibly be in earshot. She walks around all the time talking and waving her hands like that- very entertaining.

Now that she's no longer focused on learning to walk, her vocabulary has just exploded. She had the same four or so words since around her birthday (kitty, mama, duck-duck, and sometimes doggy) and now suddenly she has so many more. In the last week she's decided that she LOVES the word "no". Sometimes she even says "Nope" which is hysterical. And the best part is that she really does use it appropriately. She'll go up to something she knows she shouldn't touch, shake her head, and say "no-no." Of course, she doesn't always follow her own advice..... Other new words include "choo-choo", "neigh-neigh" (horse), "Papaw" (Isa's grandpa, for whom she used to say"dada"), and "num-num" (i.e, "I'm hungry). It's always obvious at the point in the evening when she's ready for bed, but now when I ask her if she wants to go "night-night" she'll respond back with "nigh-nigh". Hmm... lots of word doubling, huh? Here's a clip of her talking- she's saying "Nina" (her godmother), then she pants (which is her usual way of saying "doggy"), and finally a very distinct "no-no."

She has recently discovered her two baby dolls and likes to walk around with them in her arms. It's about 50-50 whether she's smacking the baby's head on the ground or giving her a kiss. We're working on the concept of GENTLE. :) Here's a moment where she's loving her baby.

To add to all the other accomplishments, she's getting better at self-feeding as well. Here she is inspecting a piece of apple and then showing off how great her teeth are at chomping.

Bottom teeth #3 & #4 just broke through. Isa has had several bouts of extreme crankiness in the last couple days and one of her bottom gums feels like a molar is imminent. Fingers crossed that it comes through quickly.

And that's the report from here!


Kerri said...

OMG - Adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

busy...busy :0)

Jocelyn said...

She is getting so big and cuter by the minute!! Love the panting:-)!! And what a great walker Miss Isa is!!

Anonymous said...

wow wow wow! leaps and bounds by Miss Isa B. she is amazing!!!!

Jesi and Joe said...

Holy smokes! What a big girl! They change so FAST! Where did your baby go?! What a doll baby.

bridget and luke said...

I just stumbled upon your blog...which is awesome, BTW! I absolutely ADORE your daughter's name. One of our good friend's husband's name is Issa and we strongly considered the name for our 1st daughter. We're now in the process of adoption from Ethiopia. Was this a name given to her in Ethiopia or by you (if you don't mind me asking...) I just love it! Love your blog, too! :)

kristine said...

Hi guys! Just stopping to say that we've been thinking of you and hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Wow..Miss Isa is truly growing by leaps and bounds!! How fun!!

Sending hugs from Bellingham,

Kristine, Abbie and Gracie

Sam said...

I love these videos..