Monday, November 3, 2008


Vote!!! Vote!!! Vote!!!

My usual absentee ballot voting status somehow got changed when I finally updated my address on voter registration this year, so for the first time ever I'll go to the polls and vote. I'm very excited to get my "I voted" sticker... they really need to include those with the absentee ballots.

Of course I would love everyone to vote the way my conscience votes (I live in Seattle- it's pretty obvious how I lean) but regardless of your stance JUST VOTE!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow will be historic- we'll either have an African-American President elect or a female Vice-President elect. Wow.


Kerri said...

Are you taking Isa to vote? It was so special to have the girls there for this monumentous occasion.

Liz said...

How funny! I've ALWAYS voted via absentee. I have yet to go to the polls... And yes, they should include the "I Voted" stickers with the absentee ballots.