Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Weekend Recap in Photos

As always, we had a glorious time with Porter and Elsa. Here are some highlights:

Dinner the first night- pizza!


It definitely wasn't a quiet weekend.


What a trip to IKEA will do to two busy toddlers

Pretty girl meet....

...cheesy girl

Looking WAY too sophisticated

Two peas in a pod (er, log)

Best Buddies

Elsa hearts Pelican

And a few videos to give you a very good idea of how entertaining the entire weekend was. It was a boisterous weekend, full of LOTS of talking, singing, and playing.

And, yes, in the bathtime video the off-camera dialogue of the Mamas is almost as amusing as the girls themselves. I didn't realize just how silly I sound when I'm talking with or about my child. What's with all the "we" talk?


Anonymous said...

pooh. the videos won't play for me. of course i've seen it... but still.

but i am loving the photos. more is always better.


Anonymous said...

you know what's hilarious? I have a draft post going, with many of the same photos, and we picked almost the identical captions! (wrestlemania, for example - exactly the same. and peas in a pod)

great minds thing alike, apparently. :-)

Jocelyn said...

THe videos won't play:-) Ok, Pacey is a bit jealous over here:-( She wants to hang with the girls!!!

So adorable!

Orange Girl said...

Hmmm... I've tried the videos twice today and they worked.... Maybe something funky with blogger?

And Pacey can come hang with us any time she wants!!

Jesi and Joe said...

Cute pictures, videos won't play for me either! What a tease! ;-)

Ezi and Livi are so jealous too! You guys are so lucky to live close enough together to make it a semi-regular thing! Looks like a great weekend!