Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Growing up

Everyday Isa seems to be moving further and further away from babyhood. It's exciting and sad for me all at the same time. I have selective amnesia about the early months home. The sleep deprivation doesn't seem as horrible as I know it was but so many of the other memories are still intense. I loved having a baby and I fully admit that I miss that stage. Isa was a remarkably easy baby, so there wasn't a lot of crying. Just lots of snuggling and playing- and not so many fights at the dinner table!

Toddlerhood certainly is entertaining, though. Isa is a total ham. She has recently started acting out scenes from her favorite books. Usually she chooses another character in the story for me to play. ("I, Lily. You, Mr. Slinger.") When she's not acting out a specific story, she's often pretending to be an animal or making up little scenarios for the two of us to act out. We get "stuck in the mud" a lot- a game played by lying down on the couch and pretending to be stuck. We hide from imaginary monsters. We have lots of dance parties!

She still sings ALL THE TIME. In addition to our usual repertoire, she often makes up her own songs. She'll essentially narrate the day for me in song. Sometimes it makes sense. Sometimes it's simply a string of words with a melody. Unfortunately, it's most often done in the car, so no videos for you to hear.

Lately Isa's been all about "making something new." I have one crafty kid on my hands. Which is fun but a bit tricky at this point since the crafts she can do (without getting too frustrated) are a bit limited. Here she is using her new fingerpaints. (Side note- Crayola Color Wonder products are fabulous. Certainly not as intense in color as the real deal but NO MESS!)

A glimpse at the future. I'm sure to see this look again, though perhaps not with a pair of fairy wings on her back.

We're still slowly meandering down the lane towards potty training. Bit of a set-back with last week's poo issues. Her buddy Evan figured it out last weekend. His mom was also easing into training when it just sort of clicked and bam!- he used the potty all weekend with only a couple accidents. I'm hopeful that spending every Tuesday with him will convince Isa to get trained as well. To help encourage her, we have a new Potty Chart at the house. Every successful trip to the potty will earn her one sticker. When she fills up a row, she'll get a treat (fruit snacks, M&Ms, etc). Note there are no stickers up there yet.....

And lastly, I have FINALLY turned Isa's carseat around. She didn't care that she was rear facing and so I never took the time to wrestle with the Britax. But I've been having trouble with my lower back recently. On Tuesday, as I reached to put Isa into the seat I felt a muscle in my lower back actually POP. Extreme pain! So today I (carefully so as not to further injure my back) turned the beast around. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found under the seat. Not nearly as bad as I had expected, although the seat did yield quite a bit more.

On Friday we head down to CA to visit Porter and Elsa for a nice, long weekend. Expect tons of glorious adorable photos of the girls together!


Anonymous said...

yay! she is indeed growing up so fast.

i am shocked and amazed at how LITTLE there was under that carseat - seriously. there is currently more crap/old food on the floorboards of my car than that.

We CAN'T WAIT to see you!!! Elsa has been talking about Isa B all week...

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it has been two years since you went to Ethiopia to pick up Isa. Watching her grow up takes me down memory lane. The joys and frustrations of motherhood don't seem to change in spite of the passage of time.


Malia'sMama said...

I popped here from habesha child and have to say that your little one reminds me sooooo much of my own little Habesha :)
Congratulations on 2 yrs!