Friday, February 12, 2010

2 years! (a day late)

(Due to an oh-so-fun bout with stomach flu, this post is a day late. So, just pretend that this is the 11th of February, okay?)

2 years ago today....

2 years! So hard to believe. It feels like she's always been here. It's hard to remember life without her and yet the time is moving much too quickly. They've been the most difficult but by far the most joyous 2 years I've ever experienced.

(And I reposted the videos in the last post since they seemed to be so problematic for everyone. Hopefully they'll work this time.)


Anonymous said...

she was such a tiny peanut! oh i remember those couches, too. :-)

congratulations on two years, mama.

Jocelyn said...

Happy Isa Day:-)!!!

Haitian-American Family of Three said...

She looks the same but bigger! Its amazing how quick these years are going and I am SO glad we all met!!
Happy 2 year mama-baby anniversary.

ps-happy v-day too!

hazel said...

Happy 2 year anniversary!

shauna said...

Happy 2 years!!!