Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jabber Jabber

As February and our 1 year family anniversary nears, I've been reviewing the old pictures and videos from when she first came home. I thought I should do some "Isa through the last year" posts. By now you should all know that Isa is incredibly vocal and has been from the time she came home. So I thought I'd start there.

Exhibit A: 6 months- Definitely a morning person

Exhibit B: 7 months- Talking to imaginary friends on the ceiling phase

Exhibit C: 8 months- Politician or preacher (you decide)

Exhibit D: 15 months- Dub-a-dub

Exhibit E: 16 months- Mamamamamamamama

And finally, just this morning Isa started putting words together. She has a pretty good vocabulary but it was all single words until now. On the way out the door this morning she said "bye bye kitty" instead of just "bye bye".

In the not so distant future all this jabbering is going to be intelligible. Isa certainly has an opinion on everything and I can't wait to actually know what she's been ranting about all this time!


Robbin said...

Man I love to see the little ones that are so chatty. She may be both a preacher and a politician!


Anonymous said...

wow - Isa B is amazing and BOY has she grown. the girl can definitely chat. we need to get her together with Elsa again and listen to the conversation. :-)

Jocelyn said...

That girl has a lot to say...I love it!!

Single PAP said...

wow! those were great! she is a chatty one!!

Heather said...

Solome enjoyed listening to her friend babble.
~ Heather

Jennifer's Family said...

The videos of Isa B chatting away are so funny, and they remind me of my own baby Emmerson when she "talks" nonstop. Very cute!

~ Jennifer

Liz said...

Okay, I'm catching up... The "Bye bye, kitty" just warmed my heart. How sweet!