Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas in photos

Final snow accumulation- unheard of here in moderate Seattle....

Ready to decorate the gingerbread house

How she actually "helped" with the house
Ooh- snow AND Auntie Mollie. What's not to love?!?

See, even when you tip over, sledding is fun.

Our Ethiopian feast for Isa Day.

Think she likes cupcakes a little?

Hanging her stocking (and totally ready for bed!).

Christmas morning- Auntie Mollie aka Rudolph.

Her new rocking giraffe, George.

A large bag on the floor- WAAAAYYY more fun than any of those silly presents

Back off- this is MY bag!!!!

And finally, this is the best video I was able to shoot of her saying "Ho Ho Ho." She walked around saying it constantly and would clam up as soon as I pulled out the camera. We were in Lowes yesterday and the man in line behind us was large, with a big full beard. Isa waved and said "Ho Ho Ho" until she got his attention. Happily, he played along and Isa was thrilled.


thewholefamdamnly said...

Great pics!!! Isn't 1st Christmas the BEST! What did you end up making for the Ethiopian feast? I'm sure it was nummy. We need to get together ASAP...I might be able to wrangle a baby-sitter especially if Christina wants to come along too...I know a couple of high school girls that would be up for the task :0)

Jocelyn said...

Great pics!! I can't get over how big our girls are getting..can you:-)?

habeshachild said...

holey moley that Isa B is just getting huge and (dare I say) even more beautiful! looks like you all had a great time.