Monday, August 11, 2008

Tag- I'm it!

So, the lovely Porter has tagged me for a SAHMBOSS award. What is that you may ask???

In her words, it is "some kind of annoying prestigious hybrid meme/award thing, which now - thanks to Michele’s way with words - will officially be known forever as The Super Awesome Hot Mama Blogger or some shit (SAHMBOSS) meme/award."

Here is how this works:

First, I have to answer a little questionnaire thingy which is pretty much all about ME!

Then I have to choose 7 bloggers who I feel are super awesome hot mama bloggers or some shit (see list below) and I “give” them the SAHMBOSS “award”. They will post their own answers to the questionnaire on their own blog and they will choose 7 more recipients. And so it goes!

Here is the questionnaire:

A. Attached or single? So very, very single (unless attached at the hip to Isa counts)

B. Best friend? Hmm... probably my sister. Autumn coming in close behind.

C. Cake or pie? Cake (although homemade apple pie is darn good)

D. Day of choice? Thursday

E. Essential item? Coffee, coffee and more coffee

F. Favorite color? Orange

G. Gummy bears or worms? Mmmm... I am an equal opportunity gummy eater

H. Hometown? Seattle, WA

I. Indulgence? Chocolate. Sleep. Loads of crappy TV.

J. January or July? Ha- trick question as my birthday is in July!!

K. Kids? 1 adorable daughter. 1 adorable kitten.

L. Life isn’t complete without? The warmth of family & friends

M. Marriage date? Well, Porter set a date, so I guess I should too. I'm going for October 9, 2010 (a lovely fall wedding!)

N. Number of brothers & sisters? 1 of each (both getting married next year, actually)

O. Oranges or apples? Apples - preferably Braeburn

P. Phobias? Spiders. Death (didn't have that one until Isa showed up and now I'm terrified)

Q. Quotes? "It's better to regret the things you've done, then regret the things you haven't done"

R. Reasons to smile? She's currently asleep in her crib

S. Season of choice? Fall

T. Tag seven peeps! (see below)

U. Unknown fact about me? I love typing. I sometimes find myself typing words in the air when I'm thinking- that's how much I love the motion of typing. I always wrote out papers longhand in college as I am no good at editing my thoughts once on computer. The bonus was that I then got to type the whole darn paper all at once. :)

V. Vegetable? Pretty much anything roasted.

W. Worst habits? Nail biting. Stress eating.

X. X-ray or ultrasound? Ummm.... is this a trick question also?

Y. Your favorite food? Pizza- combo loaded with everything.

Z. Zodiac sign? Cancer

(I would like to add that it took me until W & X to realize that each question began with the letter of the alphabet it was labeled with. Until that point I just zipped along answering the odd questions. Yep, motherhood kills your brain cells.)

I’m tagging:

1. Jesi

2. Rebekke

3. Porter (re-tag, 'cuz your totally a double SAHMBOSS)

4. Jocelyn (see above)

5. Kerri

Porter was an overachiever and tagged nine, so I'm going to be an underachiever and tag 5 lovely ladies.


Jocelyn said...

SO not doing this but thanks...I do not give into peer pressure:-)You and Porter both suck!!And yes....I too fear death since Pacey came home...freaks me out SO MUCH!!!!

Anonymous said...

forgot one of the rules was NO REVERSE / RETRIBUTION TAGGING!

Orange Girl said...

Well, I didn't intend for you to do it again. But I wanted to send another SAHMBOSS award your way. :)

Autumn said...

How cool is this! Glad I finally logged on to read. Your my best gal too! Gotta go cry a little now:)

Laura said...

Hello, I don't know if you ever get these comments being as that you haven't updated thies blog in quite a long time, but I just had to leave you a comment. I am a PAP from ET, and I am a single sonographer (I'm wondering if by your "X" if you are as well!) What are the odds? If you get this feel free to drop me an e-mail, I'd love to hear from someone in my position! (