Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Blog Union '08

The Blog Union was amazing! We got to finally meet the adorable Pacey, see the twins again (I'd taken pics of them for their parents when I was in Ethiopia and they were teeny-tiny), and see our best buddy Elsa once more. We also got a mini-vacation down at the beach, which is always lovely.

Unfortunately with so much fun, it was hard to remember to pull the camera out! I got some great pics of Isa playing with Olivia and Ezra and some of our time with Elsa. Lucky for us, Drew is a film producer, so he had a whole crew of people taking still photos and video of our wonderful weekend. For more pics of the BU, go to Drew & Carey's blog.

Isa loved the ocean and (shockingly) didn't try to eat the entire beach. She preferred to smoosh the sand in her hands and never once put it in her mouth. She ate a TON of fruit as well as several tasty Mexican meals. She also decided to finally attempt some more time on her knees. She still commando crawls most of the time, but ever so often will get up on her knees for a few "steps." This means that she's also getting better at pulling her self up. Yesterday she even took a couple teeny little cruising steps along the couch. And this morning I discovered a new tooth (top right as you look at her). So many new and exciting things going on!!!

Here are some of the photos/video that I did get:

Elsa and Isa reading to Porter

Isa riding in style with Olivia and Ezra
After the long BU weekend, Olivia needed a massage!

And finally, a video to show you just how adorable Isa and Elsa are together. We were getting ready for the big Saturday night dinner in our hotel room. Porter was keeping the girls happy by supplying them with Goldfish crackers. She looked over and saw Isa B feeding the crackers to Elsa. How cute is that??? Of course, once I turned on the camera, she wouldn't do it again, but it's still a pretty cute video! (Anything with these two in it is bound to be adorable.....)


Anonymous said...

cute cute cute isa b

love rebekke and solly

Julie said...

Those two are sooooo cute! It was a pleasure meeting you. Thanks so much for sharing your pleasant travel story (:

Jocelyn said...

It was so great to meet you guys too. I wish we would have gotten a pic of all 3 girls together:-( Some day!!! Love the massage picture!

Hauswife said...

What a fun time! I love the photos. Isa is such a cutie pie!

Eric & Tara said...

Those are some sweet pics! I had the same problem- I was so consumed with Malak and the craziness of the Union, I did not take a single picture!
It was so great to meet you! I feel like it was so crazy, I didn't get to really talk and chat with as many people as I would have liked, but I guess we were all in the same boat, as far as being consumed with our sweet kiddos. :) Great to meet you nonetheless!

Sam said...

It was fun meeting you! I would add you to my blog but I dont have your email!!! that little one of yours is sooo cute