Sunday, July 13, 2008

Waist deep in the Big Muddy

Ever feel that way to you?? I'm getting pretty tired of always having to slog through the muck...

It seems that everytime I feel like my life is falling into place and things are running reasonably smoothly, Life decides to knock me on my backside. Yesterday I came home to a letter that one of my contracts is being terminated August 12th. This contract provides over 1/3 of my income and I'm pretty much panicking. I know that contract work is, by its very nature, tenuous but I guess that could be said of most jobs nowadays. I'm not sure I can get another contract in a month and while I have a small cushion built up, it won't last for more than a couple months. (Funny how an adoption and then raising a child will deplete your meager savings!)

I know that I can always work part or full time at the registries that I currently do per diem work at. But, then I have to figure out childcare, which in Seattle is GROSSLY expensive. For part time work, I'd likely spend most of my paycheck on it. And, selfishly, I want to be home with Isa. It may be exhausting to work from home once she's gone to bed, but it's worth so much more to get to spend my days with her.

So, if anyone has a spare income lying around that they'd like to donate, I would happily accept it! Otherwise, say a little prayer to the employment pixies for me.

To balance that out, here's a little GOOD news: Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you want to look at it), that afternoon I'd bought my plane tickets to go down to the big Blog Union in CA in a few weeks. Had I gotten the letter first, I wouldn't have been able to justify spending the money. And I'm super excited to get to meet so many online friends in person!


habeshachild said...

Oh Katie!

I have to say I'm so so glad you got that letter after you bought plane tickets. :-)

I am sure the work situation will be resolved and I would hate to miss you at the Blog Union!!!

Keeping fingers and toes crossed for you that income will appear.

Jesi and Joe said...

Oh man! What a bummer! So sorry about the loss of the contract that is definitely stressful. I'm putting a good word in with the job fairies and KNOW you'll get it smoothed out soon!

That being said... SO glad you got the tickets first... we can't wait to meet you and Isa in person! Hooray! It'll be a fabulous weekend!!! :-D

Jocelyn said...

Ok, the only thing I have to say is that stinks:-( I am so sorry!! But, like Porter says...YAY that you are coming to the blog union...I had no idea!! We are so excited to meet you and Isa!! Hang in there.

kristine said...

Whew, Katie...yikes...I, like Porter, believe the work situation will resolve itself shortly. I will say some good words to the job fairies...


Kristine and Abbie (and hopefully soon...Miss Gracie May)

P.S...know that Abbie and I are so grateful that you are within driving distance!!