Friday, July 4, 2008

School's in for summer

No, not for Isa- for me!

In order to qualify for the certification test in my field (which will mean more potential for work and also that I can charge significantly more for my work), I need to take 2 quarters Anatomy & Physiology. So, in addition to work and mommyhood, I'm now a student again. It's interesting to try and juggle it all...... thus the even-longer-than-usual hiatus from the blog.

Last week Isa's top 2 teeth broke through. She can now bite off bits of things like crackers, which she finds fascinating. I'm still trying to get a picture of the teeth as she just doesn't want to cooperate!

We're heading down to San Francisco on Sunday for a couple days with my sister when she goes down for work. I just needed a bit of a break from normal life, even if it's just for a few days. We get to meet up with friend whose daughter was at Toukoul with Isa- she traveled a month after I did to bring her home. I can't wait for the girls to meet again!! Hopefully Isa B will do okay with sleeping somewhere other than her crib. Right now she's sleeping soundly through a bunch of fireworks that the neighbors are setting off (yeah!).


Anonymous said...

Yay yay! It's ME! I'm the lucky person to be visited in SF. Elsa and I can't wait!

Jesi and Joe said...

So glad you were able to meet up with E&P in SF! What an awesome opportunity! Saw the picture from your visit... Isa is sooo cute!