Sunday, February 24, 2008

Life with Isa B

Sorry for the delay in posting. Not surprisingly, life has been interesting since we got home on Wednesday afternoon!

When we checked Isa out for good on Monday the Toukoul doctor said she'd had a high fever and was vomiting over the weekend. That explained why she was so sluggish the first couple days that we visited. The baby we saw on Monday was entirely different- active and happy, smiling at everything.

As you can see from the pictures, she likes to stick her little tongue out. She also LOVES the bunny that Auntie MoMo got her. She can spend half an hour lying on her blanket just talking to her bunny!

Isa was such a trooper on the long, long travel back to Seattle. She pretty much slept, woke for a bottle, then slept again for both the 17 hour flight from Addis to Washington D.C. and then again for the 6 hour flight from D.C. to Seattle. The only (minor) glitch was when we boarded the plane in Dulles. Almost as soon as we were seated I could tell that she'd just filled her diaper. Let's just say that her diapers could be quite pungent. We pulled away from the gate and stopped. The pilot announced "sorry folks, we have a sensor problem." All I could think was "No- get the plane in the air so I can get my baby back to the bathroom and change her!!!!" Mom was waving around the diaper garbage bags to try and cover the scent. We apologized to the man next to us and luckily he said to go ahead and change her right there.

Honestly, I hit the baby lottery. Isa is just the easiest baby. She sleeps well in her crib, eats well and in between is happy, happy, happy. I'm hoping this isn't just the "honeymoon" period! She is still eating every 3 hours, almost like clockwork, which makes night a bit tiring for me. I somehow avoided any jet lag and feel much more rested than I truly should right now. Could just be the adrenaline of being a new mom.... Thursday we stayed in our jammies all day being slugs. She took a 3 hour nap at 10:30 and a 5 1/2 hour nap at 3 (so did I!). After that, we were in pretty good shape. I've even figured out a routine for getting a shower every morning.

Well, Little Miss has now woken up, so that's the end of this post! :)

The light quality isn't great in this clip, but you can see a little of her fabulous personality. Hope this works......


kristine said...


Isa is just beautiful:) Abbie and I just had fun looking at the little video (with Abbie trying to tickle her through the computer screen)...We hope to meet up with you soon!

Kristine (from B'ham)

happy_manatee said...

She's just adorable! She looks so healthy and happy (not to mention cozy and snuggly in her jammies). What a sweetie!

paige said...

She looks like such a different baby compared to her referral photos. Not that she wasn't gorgeous to start, but now? Over-the-top gorgeousity!

Welcome Home!!!

Jesi and Joe said...

How awesome! I love the video, what a sweetie. I'm so happy to hear you guys are adjusting nicely and having a great time at home! She is such a doll! Thanks for update, we've been wondering how it's going!

Leo G. said...

Hi Katie,

I sent you an email but later realized that it was to your work address and you're obviously NOT at work... You're having too much fun! Isa is beautiful and I'm so happy for you. I'm so glad you're both back home safe & sound! Welcome Home and Congratulations, new mommie! Would love to hear from you sometime (phone or email)

Leo G.

Anonymous said...

She is AMAZING. Totally stunning, and just so adorable. And whatever you are doing is working - she looks so happy!!!

I'm just thrilled for you and SO glad that she is an easy baby.

Can't wait to talk soon - I only have two weeks before I leave!!! YIKES.

And would love to hear what your secret is for fitting in a shower!!

Anonymous said...

You're right. She's a real looker. Red looks like it will definitely be one of her colors. The "action" shots you've taken are adorable. Even though the video was a little dark, I loved hearing her eventually "talk." I'm sure she'll get used to cameras chronically her major and minor life events and she'll begin talking instantly when you start the camera rolling in the future. -- Potts

Heidi said...

She is so precious and gorgeous!