Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Almost Home!

Sorry to be MIA for so long. We didn't have another chance to get to the Internet until now.
Our Embassy visit went well and we actually got the visas earlier than anticipated (they came Friday while Mom and I were away). So, all is set for the babies to come back home.
Mom and I went to Dire Dawa on Friday to see where Isa was born. It was wonderful to get out of Addis for a bit and really see Ethiopia- the countryside and the people. It was a long, hot drive and when we got to Dire Dawa the hotel was less than stellar. We'll give you all details when we get home (since I only bought 15 minutes of Internet time) but it was pretty gross..... Meeting with the SOS EE office in Dire Dawa on Saturday morning was worth the drive and the primitive conditions, though. I was able to see a picture of Isa from when she first came into care at about 2 weeks old. It was very emotional for me to be there- all I could think about was her birthmother and how difficult it must have been to leave this beautiful baby with the hope that someone would take care of her.
That afternoon we went to Harar which is an ancient, walled Muslim city. We were lucky enough to secure a great guide and saw the entire city. We even went through all the markets, which was amazing. Of course, I have lots of pictures to show you all once I'm home. (In response to John's question- no pictures here because I didn't know I'd be able to find high-speed Internet like this, so I didn't bring the cord to load pictures. I promise to post LOADS of pictures when I get home).
We checked Isa out for good this morning. When I dropped her off on Thursday night, she clung to me as I passed her to the nannies. As I drove off, I could hear her wailing! When we got there this morning the nurse said that she cried alot over the last several days. She is much more active than she had been the first couple days. I think she was just withdrawing because of the shock of all the change. She is alot more alert and moving around now. Hopefully she'll be a good sleeper tonight. :)
Porter- we saw your sweetie this morning and got lots of video and some pictures. Isa was mad that I was holding her and promptly threw up all over the nurse! Couldn't get her to laugh on camera, but lots of smiles. She is a doll!!!! Jesi & Joe- your little ones are at Toukoul II, so we are going to try to get over there tomorrow morning to take pictures and video for you guys.
We'll be home Wednesday afternoon. The time here has been amazing, but I must admit I'm looking forward to being home. Lots of details to post once I'm home, but for now, I'll say goodbye!
Katie (and Isa!!!)


Jesi and Joe said...

OH MY GOSH! You're alive! I'm so happy to hear things are going well! Isa sounds like she's already attaching well, how awesome! I had no idea ours were at Toukoul II... is that far away? How interesting! Did you make it to see them!? I hope so... I've been dying to hear from you since you left! :-D Can't wait to hear you've arrived home safely (which I think it anytime now since it's Wednesday afternoon!)

chou-chou said...

This is SO SO cool!!!! I cannot wait to hear ALL about it and to see your photos.

Let us know when you are home!

Anonymous said...

You really did it! I thought you were crazy when you started talking about adopting a baby a couple of years ago. Even as I watched you carefully plan for the event and the expenses associated with it, I was convinced you were certifiable. I couldn't imagine flying solo for the big job of parenthood. But it is hard to not get behind you when I see how happy Isa has made you. I had a vision the other day - - the two of you were wearing your matching princess crowns and had on stunning orange outfits designed by your mom. I'm sure that vision will become a reality in the not too distant future. I hope Isa brings you only happiness and joy. Don't forget, you promised more than PICTURES! I want to see the "real deal." Potts