Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hello from Addis Ababa

Hello all,
We made it safely. It was a long, long flight but Ethiopian airlines is wonderful. My sinuses decided that it was the right time to become completely stuffed, so my head felt really crummy by the time we got in. Doing better today, but I can definitely feel the change in altitude.
We were late taking off in Dulles, so we got into Addis late. We headed straight to the guesthouse for lunch and unpacking. We met the other family traveling on the same flight and staying at the guesthouse while we were waiting in Dulles. They're very nice and it's comforting to have others with us to talk with, etc.
After a delicious lunch, we headed over to Toukoul to finally meet Isa! They brought in the twins for the other family and they were very cute. A few minutes later the nanny came in with Isa. She is even more beautiful that her pictures. The most gorgeous, huge eyes!!! I started talking to her and smiling right away. Before I even took her from her nanny, she was laughing back at me. :) She's smaller than I had expected, although I think in line with the update information I've gotten along the way. Guess I'm just used to babies like Evan and Elliott! Her legs are starting to get nice and chunky. She is a total dream.
We all hung out with our babies for the next couple hours in the Toukoul visiting room. None of the babies cried or even fussed the entire time! By the end we were all tired from the excitement (and long day of traveling for the adults). All three babies fell asleep and it was tough to keep my eyes open as well.
This morning we met with the lawyer to complete our Embassy paperwork. I'm at the Hilton right now- I confirmed our flight out and am at the business center while the other couple is checking out the spa to book some R&R later in the week. After this, we head over to Toukoul to pick up the babies. All the Grandmas stayed at the guesthouse this morning, so we'll bring the babies back to the Guesthouse for the rest of the day. Hopefully everyone will be just as happy and mellow as they were yesterday. If so, we very well may check Isa out earlier than planned. I'm just not sure that I can continue to give her back each day!!
For Jesi and Porter- I'll ask Melat today about seeing your little ones and hopefully be able to send an email later this week to let you know if/when I do get some updates for you.
Okay, my internet time is about to run out, so love to all!!!


Jesi and Joe said...
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Jesi and Joe said...

Wow Katie! How exciting! I'm so happy to hear you've met Isa! I deleted my last comment... too much rambling! ;-) Can't wait to hear more, and get the email about how our twins are doing! Thanks a million!

Anonymous said...

LOVE reading this!! I'm thrilled for you that you have finally met your beautiful daughter. And I hope you are taking a million photos of your experience - I'm going to want to see them all. :-)

I know you can't read these comments while you are there, but couldn't help myself from telling you have happy I am for you.

Heidi said...

This is the best news!I am so happy that Katie and Isa have finally met. Now I can't stop crying!

wmw said...

Congratulations, Katie! I hope--and I am SURE--you are having the trip of a lifetime.

Wendy in Oregon
(found you here via Chou2)

Handlyrics said...

Congrats. Thanks for the updates.