Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas in Pictures

It turns out I have many fewer pictures from Christmas than I thought I had.  Or at least fewer pictures that I ought to post online- early morning, no makeup, in her jammies shots of my sister didn't make the cut no matter how adorable Isa was in in the photo.  Now that's sisterly love!

Bacon jam- homemade presents for friends

Decorating sugar cookies with Grandma- I think more sprinkles went in her mouth than on the cookies

Our traditional Ethiopian Christmas Eve feast

Perhaps the greatest present Santa brought- her own "makeup" case

The new ruffled-tush jammies that Grandma made Isa.  She made me jammies from the same fabric
but I discovered on Christmas Eve that I'd forgotten to pack them.

Oh, the Pillow Pet madness!!!!

It was all too much for Soona-puppy...
Of course, this is how we all looked by mid-afternoon.

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