Monday, July 5, 2010

Preschool Update

Well, after much deliberation and long talks with my parents and then the preschool director, it was decided that Isa will take a break from preschool. All the crazy behavior is shouting that she's just not ready yet for preschool. On many days, there is a single teacher for the 5 children and that means no real one-on-one time. So Isa is misbehaving (in BIG ways!) in order to get that attention. We'll keep in touch with Sprout and maybe she'll be ready to try again in the fall. I really think that this preschool is a great fit for her if/when she's ready for that much time away from me, in a group setting. She did well when it was twice a week but three times a week was too much with everything else we have going. If money were no option, I'd just continue to pay the full price and send her twice a week. But our budget can't take that.

There were lots of tears on my end about this decision, primarily because I LOVE this preschool. I love the director and teacher. I love the other kiddos. I love the location. I love the entire vibe of the school. And while logically I know this has nothing to do with my parenting, it still feels like a parenting failure that my child is the one having major tantrums. It's pretty devasting when your child has such extreme behavior issues and difficult not to take it personally. Plus-let's be honest- there's also a part of me that is selfishly sad to be losing my scheduled baby-free time each week.

The upside is that we'll have more free time again. And this summer is already grossly overscheduled and a little less running around will be good. There are lots of friends that we haven't seen in months because there just hasn't been any time to get together. Without MWF school, there will be more opportunities for my parents to take Isa for overnights. Then today we took my car into the shop for a tune-up and found out that there are some major repairs needed. For example, the left front wheel could have broken off at any point- yikes! It isn't worth putting that much money into the old car, so any saved preschool money will be used towards a new car.

The 2010 to-do list is really turning out to be a bust!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Et tu, Isa B

The last two weeks at preschool have been dicey for Miss Isa B. Last Wednesday she started throwing things and Friday it got so bad that they called me to come get her. She was throwing toys AT the other kids and I could hear her wild animals screams in the background.

After racking my brain, all I could think was that it had been a very hectic couple of weeks. She was going to sleep a little later because of the longer days and still getting up by 6 a.m. So maybe she was harried and sleep deprived (a combination I know well). And she just snapped.

She spent the weekend with my parents and seemed to do well. Monday and Wednesday this week she did much better at preschool. A few minor incidents of throwing or hitting, but easily redirected and no tantrums. Pretty typical preschool stuff. I thought perhaps the previous week had just been a fluke.

Until today. When I got a call that she was again throwing. The teacher would put her in the "take a break" beanbag and instead of waiting until she'd calmed down then rejoining the group, Isa would sneak back into the room, grab something and throw it, then go back to the beanbag.

On the way home today, I asked her about it. Here was our dialogue:

Me: Isa, Miss Rachelle said you had trouble with throwing again today. Why were you so mad?

Isa: (in a sad, soft voice) I want to be with you.

Me: Don't you want to go to preschool?

Isa: No. I want to be with you.

*sigh* It's hard to argue with that. It isn't a necessity. She doesn't have to be in school because I'm working. It's supposed to be a treat for both of us. She's not yet three and she's definitely a Mama's girl. Maybe she simply isn't ready for preschool yet. To be honest, that's exactly why I didn't go to preschool- I wanted to be with my mom instead.

And now, lest this post become too depressing as I think of the loss of my morning free time, I leave you with a goofy picture of Isa, Space Cowgirl. (She's wearing a pseudo-cowboy hat and astronaut vest.)