Sunday, March 28, 2010

Got Hair?

Everyone knows that Isa B sure does!

When I met her at the ripe old age of 6 months, she already had enough hair for little tiny ponytails on the top of her head.

Within a few months, it was long enough to all go into two ponytails.

Now it's long enough to all go up in a big, poofy ponytail on the top of her head. When I make the effort to braid her hair after putting it in two ponytails, the braids are nearly 6 inches long. When I comb it out during bath time, her wet hair reaches down to her waist! (I have a picture of that somewhere, but can't find it....)

And what does all this hair mean? Why- LOTS of hair accessories, of course!!!

Today I decided to re-organize them and was shocked at just how many she has. There are:

56 plain barrettes

41 fancy (bows, twirly ribbons, etc) barrettes

9 headbands

15 rubberbands with fancy ends (plastic balls or flowers)

15 terry cloth bands with attached bows

7 butterfly clips in assorted sizes

(And a box of tiny colored elastics for braids- too numerous to count!)

Here they all are:

Now where in the world am I going to put them????


Scott and Allison said...

OOOH! I know! I saw a totally cool article about decorating your room/bathroom with your accessories.
This is not going to come out right, but bear with me.
You can get some frames and take out the glass. Then, on the back, which would normally be covered up with a picture, you will put a pretty scrapbooking paper. Then, you can put some fishing line or string and hang whatever it is that you want to decorate with. When you need a bow, etc., take it off. When you are finished with it, you can put it back.
Do you think I can find the article NOW? Of course not.

Anonymous said...

tackle box!

Jesi and Joe said...

We have a big train case type cosmetic/hair accessory thing made by Caboodle. There's just no way to organize them as nicely as I'd like though, because I'm always feeling like there has to be a better/easier way! :-) I do like the decorating your bathroom with them idea, except that I don't usually do Livi's hair in the bathroom and usually decide as I'm styling what I need for it that time, so it wouldn't be as "on hand" as it is in a portable case...

Decisions, decisions! But, we do have some serious envy of how quickly (and dare I say easily?) Isa's hair has gotten so long! It's definitely NOT quick and easy for Livi... but, we just keep on loving all the lengths/stages as we reach them. :-)

paige said...

we graduated to a scrapbook paper organizer for Astrid Meklit's hair items. The drawers are shallow enough to make finding things easy and the box moves to the room we work in without a problem.