Saturday, June 14, 2008

Finally some chompers

Isa B's two bottom teeth finally broke through last week. Today I could see one of the teeth sticking up over her gums, rather than just feel it in there. She doesn't seem to be any in pain. There wasn't any disruption to her sleep although she's not eating well right now. I'm really hoping that ALL of her teeth come through this smoothly!

Last night before dinner Isa was munching on Gerber stars when all of a sudden she just started wailing. All I can figure is that she bit her tongue, which hurts alot more now that there are sharp little teeth in the way. Am I a bad mom if I say that I found it somewhat amusing? She went from happy, happy, happy to totally distraught. And, of course, back to happy rather quickly once I took her out of the highchair for some love. She remained wary of those stars for the rest of dinner, though.

I must admit that while I revel in all of her milestones, I get teary-eyed with each one. I can't believe it's all moving so quickly. She's not going to be a baby for that much longer (yes, yes- I know she'll always be my baby). I just want to freeze her at this wonderful, cuddly, not fully mobile stage forever. Or at least for a little while longer......


Jocelyn said...

Yay for teeth and Yay for no pain with teeth!!

Kerri said...

So happy for sweet Isa that she's not suffering too much with her teeth (except when she bites her tongue - lol - I would have laughed too).
Kerri and Ruby

Anonymous said...

Awwww Thats great! Solly still has no teeth and I too want to freeze time. he is 8 months on Tuesday.
Your Friend in Gig Harbor,