Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Isa B doesn't like the doctor

Well, actually she liked the pediatrician just fine, but the techs who gave her the shots and then did the blood draw weren't her favorite people. The doctor's appointment was last week and Isa B got a clean bill of health at this point. Developmentally on target and up to 16lbs, 7oz!! That means she's gained at least 2 pounds since coming home.

Unfortunately, the trauma of the visit and the effects of the shots meant she was very out-of-sorts for the last week. Gone was my good little sleeper and happy baby. Granted, fussy Isa is still a pretty good baby all told. But, we had finally gotten a fairly consistent routine down and it went completely out the window.

Isa B started solid foods right before her doctor visit. She pretty much refused to open her mouth for the rice cereal. The pediatrician said I could try oatmeal and she tolerated that a little better. I finally decided to try sweet potatoes last night. Well, I couldn't shovel it in fast enough! Apparently my girl doesn't dislike solids, she just dislikes baby cereal.

Mmmmmm..... tasty. And now for the movie version. Please forgive the odd angle and my hands constantly in the way- I had to set up the camera on the table since both hands are required for her dinner!

Oh- and to answer Mary's question from the last comment section-- of course she has socks and barrettes to match every outfit! And Grandma has already been hard at work at the sewing machine.....


Kerri said...

Poor girl - getting traumatized like that really does put you into a funk.
Kerri and Ruby

Hippy Goodwife said...


I'm a friend of Heidi's ( Hi Heidi!) I have some great recipes for homemade baby food. I can send them to you via Heidi if they would be useful. Your Isa B is gorgeous!

Autumn said...

I think we would all dislike baby food if we had to eat it! Glad she found something she likes.

Jesi and Joe said...

Sooooo cute! I love her excited eating noises! What a bum trip to the doctor... I hope she's feeling better now and settling back into the routine!

Jocelyn said...

She and Pacey would have a little talk off during eating!! She loves those sweet potatoes too:-) I love the video!!