Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So, before I lose the 2 readers who still wonder what is going on with Isa B, here is a recap of the last 2 months:

Isa got sick.
Isa gave up her paci. (see previous post)
I got sick.
Hellacious first week without the paci.
We spent 3 days in the car with my parents driving to Arizona.  IT SUCKED.
We got to Arizona.  Things got better.  We saw good friends and several Mariners' spring training games.
We spent 3 days in the car driving home.  It was much, much better than the trip down.
We tried to adjust to being home.
I worked a lot.
Isa decided to give up naps for good.
I got sick.
Isa got sick.
I got sick, yet again, this time with some sort of flu.

And there you have it.  More to come when I can actually stay vertical for more than 10 minutes at a time.


one happy family said...

thanks for the update :) missed you a lot!

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