Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

As you can see from the date of the post (why does Blogger use the "start" date rather than "posted" date??) I started a draft of this post several weeks ago and didn't get around to finishing it. So here it is. Better late than never, right?

Heritage Camp was amazing this year. Isa was old enough to participate in more events and really interact with the other children. There were quite a few little ones there this year and they all had a blast. We met up with old friends and made quite a few new friends. The weekend in pictures:

playing an Ethiopian drum

Ephraim looking rather pleased with the addition to his harem (Elsa, not so much!)

Smile, guys!

Sawyer was such a good sport

Best buddies :)

Solome & Isa looking lovely in their traditional dresses

Isa hearts Sawyer

Dancing- lots and lots of dancing

Also lots of hugging

Isa admiring the habesha grandma's jewelry

Our travel buddy and big-girl friend "Rusalem"

On the Monday after camp we watched my friend Amanda's daughter Kaylee for the day. Kaylee is almost 11 months and very mellow. The only snag came when she resisted naptime so I put her in the Ergo, bounced and sang to her until she fell asleep.

Confession time: I've been seriously feeling the urge for another baby lately. I blame all my friends and family who have added gorgeous babies recently. I was hoping that having Kaylee and Isa for the day would show me exactly why I don't want another baby anytime soon but she was too darn easy. Having to snuggle a little baby to sleep was so lovely. Way to make it worse, Kaylee! Luckily, there isn't a chance in hell that I'll be able to afford another adoption for many years. If money was no option, I would probably be filling out paperwork right now.

On Tuesday, I was only an hour into work when Christina called to say Isa had a fever. This is only the second recorded fever that Isa has ever had. Given her unbelievably strong immune system, I know that any fever on her means she's really sick. She had a low-grade fever all day Tuesday. The fever was gone on Wednesday, but she was still really lethargic- she even took a 4 1/2 hour nap!

Happily, by Thursday morning she was fine. Which was good because Friday night my sister got married!! Isa was supposed to be the flower girl but, in true nearly-3 year old style, wasn't able to scatter her petals properly after a couple tries at Thursday's rehearsal. Mollie doesn't think that preschooler antics during a wedding are cute, so she decided to relieve Isa of her duty. I was pretty disappointed, but honestly should have known it was going to end up that way. Isa certainly can't be relied upon to do anything properly without a fair bit of practice and even then, because of her age, remains pretty unpredictable. Fortunately, she seemed to forget that she was supposed to be party of the wedding and was a model little one sitting with her cousins during the wedding and the reception dinner. As soon as the dancing started, Isa hit the floor with her cousin Caroline (wish I'd thought to put my camera in the diaper bag so I could show you pictures of those two!). She danced from about 8 until after 11. By the end she was essentially asleep on her feet but if you tried to pull her off the dance floor, she would protest loudly.

Sunday after the wedding we went to a Mariners game with my parents. Isa loves baseball, primarily because Papaw works at the stadium. Anything associated with Papaw earns high praise in Isa's book!

Up next.... a belated post on Isa's 3rd birthday and our trip to Glacier National Park.

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