Monday, January 25, 2010


Anyone who has read this blog recently knows that Isa is INCREDIBLY verbal. Shockingly verbal sometimes. Which can be dicey- I really have to watch what I say because she will parrot back everything. She has started to memorize her books and will randomly spit out lines from them. Sometimes it takes me quite a while to understand what she's talking about even if the words are fairly clear. And, honestly, sometimes it's just really, really funny. A few examples:

Right after Christmas, she ran into the living room with her face in her hands and told me, very dramatically, "I devastated!" (Thank you Fancy Nancy!)

We were wrestling/snuggling on the couch this week. Isa unclipped her pacifier from her shirt, clipped in on me, and tried to put the other end in my mouth saying "Put your paci in and calm down." (Hmmm... she may have heard that line a few million times....)

Today we were taking a long walk around the neighborhood. We passed a dog behind a fence that barks loudly everytime anyone goes by. On our way back, as we neared the fence, Isa started yelling "No doggie! No barking! Be 'siderate!" (i.e., "considerate", learned from one of her books)

And finally, an example of the wonderful things she parrots back. She ended up in my bed last night and woke this morning at 6:45, adament that she needed to "go pee-pee in potty." Inner groan but I rolled out of bed and got her into the bathroom. I was gritting my teeth trying to be patient about the exceedingly unpleasant wake-up. As I helped her take off her jammies, she hugged my legs and said "I love you mostest. Wide whole world." It didn't feel quite so unpleasant after that. :)

(And, yes, yes, I know that I need to take some photos and get them posted. Wrist slap noted.)


one + one said...

Oh... I would just melt at that last one! :)

one happy family said...

i love it. and i love you too!!!!!

Kerri said...

Ooh...I just love her!!!

Anonymous said...

she is so amazing. I CANNOT wait to see and hear her in person.

hazel said...

OMG, the doggie admonishments were too much!