Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Picture Extravaganza!!!

We had a fabulous, fabulous holiday! Isa even told me on Christmas morning that she heard Rudolph on the roof and saw his nose blink. (Yes, the night before I may have made a bit of suggestion about things one might hear on the roof on Christmas Eve but she offered that all on her own the next morning!)

Here is the last week or so, in pictures and video:

O' Christmas Tree!

Santa Baby

Santa brought Isa a new tricycle!

Santa also made her a fancy rack for her new dress-up clothes.

Modeling her new princess skirt and wand.

Buzzy Bee costume (one of my ballet recital costumes from waaaay back when)

Playing "Legos" with Papaw.

Drying Soona off after a pretend bubble bath.

Taking the new tricycle for a spin outside.

And now for a little entertainment... For your holiday enjoyment, Isa will now sing you Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (in appropriate costumage) and then Frosty the Snowman.

Finally, what happens when toddlers wake up at 6:15, spend a few hours in the blissful craziness of Christmas and get a bit hyper.


Jocelyn said...

Ok, she and Pacey are definitely related:-) Where oh where did you get that dress up rack?? I LOVE IT...and we might just need it you know!!!

Robbin Hopkins said...

Beautiful!! Fun ideal for sure. Must keep that one in my brain for next year!

Brenda said...

Too cute. I LOVE the dress up rack. And the bumble bee costume that belonged to you PRICELESS.

Orange Girl said...

Well, when I said that Santa made the rack I sort of meant it. My dad actually built it for her from scratch. But it's based on this one:
My parents didn't tell me that they'd made it so I was just as surprised on Christmas morning as Isa was! :)