Friday, September 26, 2008

Yes, we're still alive

I know, I know. We've been gone for quite a while. But it's been uber-busy. (Yep, that's the only excuse I can think of.....)

So, here's the quick version of what we've done in the last three weeks:

- Isa went to the fair for the first time and loved seeing all the animals. Petting the sheep and the bunnies was quite exciting.

- We had her delayed 12 month check up. She was in a particularly stellar mood (a mirror to admire herself in and loads of crinkly paper on the exam table- wooha!!!!!). The Ped even asked if she was always this "animated." Yes, she is. :)
Stats: 25% for both height and weight (just under 21lbs and about 29in)
She stopped crying about 5 seconds after her shots because the MA gave her animal crackers.

- Unfortunately, her PPD came back positive (I thought we'd done this when she first came home, but maybe we didn't... or maybe I forgot to come back to have it read.....). Luckily, her chest X-ray was negative but we'll be starting meds tomorrow.

- Isa is now pulling up on EVERYTHING in site. She cruises like a champ. I predict full-on walking by Halloween, if not before. She'll walk holding onto my hands but she still walks on her tiptoes. You can never start your ballet training to early, you know.

- She is also sleeping through the night about 90% of the time. Granted, she often wakes up at 5, which is too early for this mama, so I still throw in bed with me. But 7pm-5am is superb. I wish I could get that much sleep.

- Naps are still hit and miss. Twice this week she's taken a 2 1/2 hour nap in the middle of the day which I LOVE. I can get so much done, it's amazing. It's a bit touchy as the evening progresses because she's been awake so long. And somedays she still definitely needs 2 naps. So, I'm just going with the flow right now.

- Great news on the job front. We're in the process of moving my only in-office job to remote status. That will mean I can add more hours (and thus more money- yeah!). I also am in talks with another hospital for a new contract, which would be gi-normous. Fingers crossed that it will go through....... I might actually be able to save money. What would that be like????

- I'm also taking 2 classes this semester so that I can take the Certified Tumor Registrar exam next spring. My Medical Terminology class is entirely online and I think I'll be able to keep up. The 2nd semester of A&P is every Saturday morning. Hoping I can keep up with that because, honestly, being able to take all the tests from home with my book at my side really helped my grade. I don't think my brain can actually hold that information in it right now.

So that is the speed version of the last month or so. I'm sure I'm missing things that I'll think of later. I'm too tired right now to try and load pics from my camera, so I'll pinky swear to post some tomorrow night.


Anonymous said...

girl, HOW do you do it? i swear you make this single parenting thing look like a cake walk. momming and working AND taking a class or tow?!? seriously - stop it. you are making me look so bad.

congrats on the work developments - I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed for that ginormous contract.

Kerri said...

Sorry about the +PPD but it sounds as if everything is going really well.
Kerri, Medina, and Ruby