Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Better late than never, right?

Well, the original plan for this blog was to have it up last spring when I started the adoption process (thus the title). I envisioned posting the list of all the necessary documents and updating the blog every time I completed a step. Didn't happen.

Then I wanted to get it going this summer, after my paperwork was submitted, to keep everyone updated on any news I heard. I could stop repeating "The agency says 4-6 months. I expect to get a referral by Christmas" because they would already know from the blog if/when anything came up. Didn't happen.

Thus, I'm just going to jump in at this point, smack in the middle of the craziness and hopefully I can use future posts to backtrack on any pre-adoption info that I originally wanted to post. Here goes:

I unexpectedly (6 weeks ahead of my "schedule") got The Call the morning of October 12. The agency's coordinator called me at my office. She asked if I was sitting down. My brain thought "it can't be... it's much too early...." And then she said "I know who your daughter is." I don't think I will ever forget how it felt to hear those words. She gave me the small amount of info available and said she'd send my email, including pictures (!!), as soon as we got off the phone. I think the vast majority of my side of the conversation was "Oh my God." Repeated many times. With a huge smile on my face.

So, here she is- the amazing Isa B. She was born in August and was not quite 7 lbs at referral. She will be eligible for court in early December and hopefully that means traveling to bring her home late December/early January.

And, of course, I will use the blog to keep everyone updated! Honestly... I will... I promise....

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